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Message from the Parents

Dear Friends,

During our most troubling time, it has become obvious that our family belongs to a much greater and a much larger family. The outreach and support these past months have truly been overwhelming. We, the parents of Anastasia Madimenos, undoubtedly know that we are not alone in praying and hoping for our daughter to be on the road to good health. We humbly express our sincerest gratitude for all your prayers, thoughts, kindness, and generosity.  We hope it comforts you to know, the love and support we have received has provided us with the strength necessary to endure and overcome this hardship.

We thank all individuals for their great intentions and for their willingness to help.  To individuals who may be planning events honoring our daughter, we would like to express the importance of corresponding with The Foundation For Anastasia for further discussion of or for assistance with the event. 

Your thoughtfulness and kindness will never be forgotten and our appreciation can never truly be expressed. 

Please continue to pray and wish for our daughter, Anastasia, to return to good health.


Praxi and Sophia Madimenos



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